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  1. To assess the accuracy of contrast sensitivity function (CSF) in detecting dysthyroid optic neuropathy (DON) at an early stage in thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy (TAO) patients and to examine potential facto...

    Authors: Yunhai Tu, Haochen Jin, Mingna Xu, Weijie Liu, Xiaozhou Hu, Mengting Wang, Jie Ye, Zihui Liu, Mengyuan Gao, Fang Hou, Zhong-Lin Lu and Wencan Wu
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2023 10:11
  2. To investigate the prevalence and predictors of retinal breaks reopening after vitrectomy with air tamponade in rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD).

    Authors: Chuandi Zhou, Chufeng Gu, Bo Li, Yujie Wang, Yanan Hu, Xinping She, Ya Shi, Mingming Ma, Tao Sun, Qinghua Qiu, Ying Fan, Fenge Chen, Hong Wang, Kun Liu, Xiaodong Sun, Xun Xu…
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2023 10:9
  3. To investigate ocular biological characteristics for myopic children with axial length (AL) reduction during orthokeratology (Ortho-K) treatment and provide clinical clues for better myopia control effects.

    Authors: Tao Tang, Xuewei Li, Sitong Chen, Qiong Xu, Heng Zhao, Kai Wang, Yan Li and Mingwei Zhao
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2023 10:6
  4. The aim of the study was to compare the dynamic defocus curve on patients post-implantation of the extended depth-of-focus (EDOF) and monofocal intraocular lens (IOL).

    Authors: Tingyi Wu, Yuexin Wang, Jiazhi Yu, Xiaotong Ren, Yuanting Li, Weiqiang Qiu and Xuemin Li
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2023 10:5
  5. To systematically compare and rank ocular measurements with optical and ultrasound biometers based on big data.

    Authors: Jinjin Yu, Daizong Wen, Jing Zhao, Yiran Wang, Ke Feng, Ting Wan, Giacomo Savini, Colm McAlinden, Xuanqiao Lin, Lingling Niu, Sisi Chen, Qingyi Gao, Rui Ning, Yili Jin, Xingtao Zhou and Jinhai Huang
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2023 10:1
  6. Quick contrast sensitivity function (qCSF) method is an advanced quick method for contrast sensitivity function (CSF) evaluation. This study evaluated the contrast sensitivity (CS) of eyes undergoing cataract ...

    Authors: Dongling Guo, Jiaqi Meng, Keke Zhang, Wenwen He, Shiyu Ma, Zhong-lin Lu, Yi Lu and Xiangjia Zhu
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:45
  7. To compare the efficacy and safety of preoperative intravitreal injections of ranibizumab and conbercept in Chinese proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) patients.

    Authors: Siying Li, Lili Guo, Pingping Zhou, Jiyang Tang, Zongyi Wang, Linqi Zhang, Mingwei Zhao and Jinfeng Qu
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:44
  8. To study the association between dynamic iris change and primary angle-closure disease (PACD) with anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT) videos and develop an automated deep learning system fo...

    Authors: Luoying Hao, Yan Hu, Yanwu Xu, Huazhu Fu, Hanpei Miao, Ce Zheng and Jiang Liu
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:41
  9. Corneal refractive surgery for myopia results in an oblate shift with increased postoperative aberrations inversely affecting the quality of vision. Aspheric ablation profiles have been introduced to minimize ...

    Authors: Magdi Mohammad Mostafa, Hazem Abdelmotaal, Khaled Abdelazeem, Islam Goda and Mahmoud Abdel-Radi
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:43
  10. The aim of this study was to evaluate visual, refractive, quality of vision, visual function and satisfaction of multifocal intraocular lens (MF-IOL) exchange with a monofocal IOL (MNF-IOL) in dissatisfied pat...

    Authors: Olena Al-Shymali, Jorge L. Alió del Barrio, Colm McAlinden, Mario Canto, Laura Primavera and Jorge L. Alio
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:40
  11. To investigate which factors are correlated with the visual improvement achieved with a specific model of scleral contact lens (SCL) in keratoconus (KC) eyes and to define a model to predict such improvement a...

    Authors: Abdelkader Sidi Mohamed Hamida, García-Barchín Marta, Ruiz-Fortes Pedro and David P. Piñero
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:39
  12. To compare the measurements obtained from the Orbscan II, IOLMaster 700, Pentacam AXL, and Castroviejo caliper and their effects on calculating the recommended implantable collamer lens (ICL) size and postoper...

    Authors: Robert Edward T. Ang, Edward Kenneth F. Reyes, Fernando Amado J. Ayuyao Jr, Maria Isabel N. Umali and Emerson M. Cruz
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:36
  13. To evaluate clinical outcomes of the Visian implantable collamer lens (ICL) with a central port to correct myopia and astigmatism after deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) for keratoconus throughout 3 y...

    Authors: Belén Alfonso-Bartolozzi, Carlos Lisa, Luis Fernández-Vega-Cueto, Begoña Baamonde, David Madrid-Costa and José F. Alfonso
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:34
  14. Diabetic retinopathy (DR) as a severe diabetic complication contributes to blindness. The increased permeability of retinal capillary endothelial cells (RCECs) as well as the production of inflammatory markers...

    Authors: Hangqi Shen, Qiaoyun Gong, Jingting Zhang, Haiyan Wang, Qinghua Qiu, Jingfa Zhang and Dawei Luo
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:35
  15. To investigate the short- and long-term effects of myopia control spectacle lenses with highly aspherical lenslets (HAL) and slightly aspherical lenslets (SAL) on visual function and visual quality using data ...

    Authors: Yingying Huang, Xue Li, Chu Wang, Fengchao Zhou, Adeline Yang, Hao Chen and Jinhua Bao
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:33
  16. Studies have shown that short-term monocular deprivation induces a shift in sensory eye dominance in favor of the deprived eye. Yet, how short-term monocular deprivation modulates sensory eye dominance across ...

    Authors: Yiya Chen, Yu Mao, Jiawei Zhou, Zhifen He and Robert F. Hess
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:32
  17. To explore the changes in blood supply and structure around the optic nerve head (ONH) in thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy (TAO) patients with suspected dysthyroid optic neuropathy (DON).

    Authors: Yufei Wu, Qiaoli Yang, Liujun Ding, Yunhai Tu, Xiaoyu Deng, Yan Yang, Meixiao Shen, Qinkang Lu, Fan Lu and Qi Chen
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:30
  18. To generate and validate a method to estimate axial length estimated (ALest) from spherical equivalent (SE) and corneal curvature [keratometry (K)], and to determine if this ALest can replace actual axial length ...

    Authors: Deepaysh D. C. S. Dutt, Seyhan Yazar, Jason Charng, David A. Mackey, Fred K. Chen and Danuta M. Sampson
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:29
  19. To report the predictive factors of myopic regression in patients who had undergone small incision lenticular extraction (SMILE) and femtosecond laser-assisted laser in situ keratomileuses (FS-LASIK) after 3–1...

    Authors: Jihong Zhou, Wei Gu, Yan Gao, Wenjuan Wang and Fengju Zhang
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:28
  20. Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness. Normal tension glaucoma (NTG) is a subset of open-angle glaucoma, demonstrating glaucomatous optic nerve damage in the absence of raised intraocular pre...

    Authors: Bryan Chin Hou Ang, Wenqi Chiew, Vivien Cherng Hui Yip, Chun Hau Chua, Wei Shan Han, Ivan O’Neill C. Tecson, Jeanne Joyce Ogle, Boon Ang Lim, Owen Kim Hee, Elton Lik Yong Tay, Vernon Khet Yau Yong, Hon Tym Wong and Leonard Wei Leon Yip
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:27
  21. Recently, a considerable amount of literature has emerged around the theme of neuroinflammation linked to neurodegeneration. Glaucoma is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by visual impairment. Understa...

    Authors: Lidawani Lambuk, Nurfatihah Azlyna Ahmad Suhaimi, Muhammad Zulfiqah Sadikan, Azliana Jusnida Ahmad Jafri, Suhana Ahmad, Nurul Alimah Abdul Nasir, Vuk Uskoković, Ramlah Kadir and Rohimah Mohamud
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:26
  22. The aim of the study was to investigate the changes in the periarterial capillary-free zone (paCFZ) after anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) therapy in patients with branch retinal vein occlusion (...

    Authors: Wenyi Tang, Wei Liu, Jingli Guo, Lili Zhang, Gezhi Xu, Keyan Wang and Qing Chang
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:25
  23. The goal of this study was to reproduce a three-dimensional representation of corneal defocus characteristics after orthokeratology (Ortho-K) treatment via an indicator defined as the weighted Zernike defocus ...

    Authors: Yuzhuo Fan, Yan Li, Kai Wang, Jia Qu and Mingwei Zhao
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:24
  24. To determine the repeatability and agreement using corneal tomography of a swept-source optical coherence tomographer (SS-OCT) compared to a rotating Scheimpflug camera (RSC) in normal eyes and keratoconus (KC...

    Authors: Robert Herber, Janine Lenk, Lutz E. Pillunat and Frederik Raiskup
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:19
  25. Measuring quality of life is of importance in keratoconus. So far, the Keratoconus End-Points Assessment Questionnaire (KEPAQ) is the only keratoconus-specific scale to measure emotional well-being along with ...

    Authors: Kepa Balparda, Tatiana Herrera-Chalarca and Melissa Cano-Bustamante
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:17
  26. The ability to view the posterior segment in keratoprosthesis (Kpro) implanted patients is limited. The purpose of this retrospective, observational study was to investigate the use of ultra-wide field (UWF) s...

    Authors: William R. Bloom, Matthew D. Karl, Sarah B. Smith, Yusra F. Shao, William Terrell, Ahmad B. Tarabishy, Andrew J. Hendershot, Rebecca A. Kuennen, Tyler D. Oostra, Thomas F. Mauger and Colleen M. Cebulla
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:18
  27. To evaluate whether the specific choroidal neovascularization (CNV) characteristics measured using optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) can predict the 6-month prognosis of neovascular age-related m...

    Authors: Huixun Jia, Bing Lu, Zhi Zhao, Yang Yu, Fenghua Wang, Minwen Zhou and Xiaodong Sun
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:16
  28. To assess the multicenter outcomes of posterior chamber phakic intraocular lens implantation with a central hole (EVO-ICL, STAAR Surgical) for patients undergoing previous laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK).

    Authors: Kazutaka Kamiya, Kimiya Shimizu, Akihito Igarashi, Yoshihiro Kitazawa, Takashi Kojima, Tomoaki Nakamura, Kazuo Ichikawa, Sachiko Fukuoka and Kahoko Fujimoto
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:15
  29. Myopic maculopathy (MM) has become a major cause of visual impairment and blindness worldwide, especially in East Asian countries. Deep learning approaches such as deep convolutional neural networks (DCNN) hav...

    Authors: Jun Li, Lilong Wang, Yan Gao, Qianqian Liang, Lingzhi Chen, Xiaolei Sun, Huaqiang Yang, Zhongfang Zhao, Lina Meng, Shuyue Xue, Qing Du, Zhichun Zhang, Chuanfeng Lv, Haifeng Xu, Zhen Guo, Guotong Xie…
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:13
  30. Ocular surface disease in glaucoma patients is a significant ocular co-morbidity that can affect 40% to 59% of these patients worldwide. The current study was aimed at evaluating the potential clinical benefit...

    Authors: Jose Maria Martinez-de-la-Casa, Carlos Oribio-Quinto, Almudena Milans-del-Bosch, Pilar Perez-Garcia, Laura Morales-Fernandez, Javier Garcia-Bella, Jose Manuel Benitez-del-Castillo, Julian Garcia-Feijoo and David P. Piñero
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:12
  31. Authors: Laura Gutierrez, Jane Sujuan Lim, Li Lian Foo, Wei Yan Ng, Michelle Yip, Gilbert Yong San Lim, Melissa Hsing Yi Wong, Allan Fong, Mohamad Rosman, Jodhbir Singth Mehta, Haotian Lin, Darren Shu Jeng Ting and Daniel Shu Wei Ting
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:11

    The original article was published in Eye and Vision 2022 9:3

  32. The aim of the study was to evaluate the outcomes of dissatisfied patients reporting poor visual quality following implantation of multifocal intraocular lenses (MF-IOLs), managed by IOL exchange with another ...

    Authors: Olena Al-Shymali, Colm McAlinden, Jorge L. Alio del Barrio, Mario Canto-Cerdan and Jorge L. Alio
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:8
  33. To compare the efficacy of Ex-PRESS implantation versus trabeculectomy combined with phacoemulsification.

    Authors: Yuqiao Zhang, Beiting He, Yulin Zhang, Jin Zeng, Yanlei Chen, Yongyi Niu, Honghua Yu, Yongjie Qin and Hongyang Zhang
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:7
  34. With increasing axial length and myopia progression, the micro-structure of the retina and choroid gradually changes. Our study describes the longitudinal changes in retinal and choroidal thickness in school-a...

    Authors: Meiping Xu, Xinping Yu, Minghui Wan, Kemi Feng, Junxiao Zhang, Meixiao Shen, Björn Drobe, Hao Chen, Jia Qu and Jinhua Bao
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2022 9:5

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