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  1. To characterize the axial and off-axis refraction across four meridians of the retina in myopic eyes before and after Orthokeratology (OK) and LASIK surgery.

    Authors: António Queirós, Ana Amorim-de-Sousa, Daniela Lopes-Ferreira, César Villa-Collar, Ángel Ramón Gutiérrez and José Manuel González-Méijome
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2018 5:12
  2. To investigate the impact of the orientation of preoperative corneal astigmatism on achieving the postoperative target refraction following monofocal intraocular lens (IOL) implantation.

    Authors: Richard N. McNeely, Salissou Moutari, Eric Pazo and Jonathan E. Moore
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2018 5:7
  3. To compare femtosecond laser-assisted versus conventional phacoemulsification in terms of visual and refractive outcomes, cumulative dissipated energy, anterior chamber inflammation and endothelial cell loss.

    Authors: Robert Edward Ty Ang, Michelle Marie Salcedo Quinto, Emerson Marquez Cruz, Mark Christian Reyes Rivera and Gladness Henna Austria Martinez
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2018 5:8
  4. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) has moved to the forefront of imaging modalities in the management of glaucoma and retinal diseases. It is modifying how glaucoma and glaucoma progression are diagnosed clini...

    Authors: Jean-Claude Mwanza, Joshua L. Warren and Donald L. Budenz
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2018 5:9
  5. To retrospectively analyse strategies for adjusting refractive surgery plans with reference to the preoperative manifest refraction.

    Authors: Samuel Arba Mosquera, Diego de Ortueta and Shwetabh Verma
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2018 5:2
  6. Angiogenesis refers to new blood vessels that originate from pre-existing vascular structures. Corneal neovascularization which can lead to compromised visual acuity occurs in a wide variety of corneal patholo...

    Authors: Sepehr Feizi, Amir A. Azari and Sharareh Safapour
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:28
  7. Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) is a flap-free intrastromal technique for the correction of myopia and myopic astigmatism. To date, this technique lacks automated centration and cyclotorsion contro...

    Authors: Jorge L. Alió del Barrio, Verónica Vargas, Olena Al-Shymali and Jorge L. Alió
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:26
  8. After publication of this article [1] it came to our attention that Table 1 was presented incorrectly. The correct table can be found below:

    Authors: Rohit Shetty, Kalyani Deshpande, Chaitra Jayadev, Kareeshma Wadia, Pooja Mehta, Rushad Shroff and Harsha L. Rao
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:25

    The original article was published in Eye and Vision 2017 4:4

  9. Reaching a consensus on which parameters are most reliable at detecting progressive keratoconus patients with serial topography imaging is not evident. The aim of the study was to isolate the parameters best p...

    Authors: Ivo Guber, Colm McAlinden, François Majo and Ciara Bergin
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:24
  10. Diabetic retinopathy is a major cause of visual impairment and blindness among working-age people worldwide. The aim of our study was to investigate the effects of a carotenoid supplementation on retinal thick...

    Authors: Marilita M. Moschos, Maria Dettoraki, Michael Tsatsos, George Kitsos and Christos Kalogeropoulos
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:23
  11. To evaluate the effect of three different combinations of tip designs and infusion systems in torsional phacoemulsification (INFINITI and CENTURION) in patients with cataract. According to the manufacturer, tw...

    Authors: Praveen K. Malik, Taru Dewan, Arun Kr Patidar and Ekta Sain
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:22
  12. To compare the outcomes of a toric phakic intraocular lens (PIOL) and a spherical PIOL combined with astigmatic keratotomy (AK) for the correction of high myopic astigmatism.

    Authors: Lin-Yan Zheng, Shuang-Qian Zhu, Yan-Feng Su, Hu-Yong Zou, Qin-Mei Wang and A-Yong Yu
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:20
  13. To investigate the effect of eye rubbing on keratometry (K), aberrometry, tear film break-up-time (TFBUT) and anterior chamber depth (ACD).

    Authors: Jordan V. Chervenkoff, Elizabeth Hawkes, Gabriela Ortiz, Deborah Horney and Mayank A. Nanavaty
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:19
  14. To assess the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value of anterior chamber tap for the diagnosis of bacterial endophthalmitis on a population with high prevalence.

    Authors: Carl Sjoholm-Gomez de Liano, Vidal F. Soberon-Ventura, Guillermo Salcedo-Villanueva, Abril Santos-Palacios, Jose Luis Guerrero-Naranjo, Jans Fromow-Guerra, Gerardo García-Aguirre, Virgilio Morales-Canton and Raul Velez-Montoya
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:18
  15. To evaluate the effects on near and intermediate visual performance after bilateral Laser Anterior Ciliary Excision (LaserACE) procedure.

    Authors: AnnMarie Hipsley, David Hui-Kang Ma, Chi-Chin Sun, Mitchell A. Jackson, Daniel Goldberg and Brad Hall
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:15
  16. To report a surgical method for treating corneal oedema in a case of late-onset Descemet membrane detachment after penetrating keratoplasty.

    Authors: Myrsini Petrelli, Konstantinos Oikonomakis, Konstantinos Andreanos, Andreas Mouchtouris, Ilias Georgalas and George Kymionis
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:14
  17. Universal postoperative guidelines for cataract extraction surgery are yet to be introduced. Artificial tears are gaining popularity as an additional integral component of the postoperative regime. The primary...

    Authors: Georgios Labiris, Panagiota Ntonti, Haris Sideroudi and Vassilios Kozobolis
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:13
  18. To present a method, alternative to penetrating keratoplasty, for the restoration of impaired corneal clarity with anterior stromal scarring following long-standing corneal graft failure.

    Authors: George Kymionis, Konstantinos Oikonomakis, Myrsini Petrelli, Konstantinos Andreanos, Andreas Mouchtouris and Ilias Georgalas
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:12
  19. Independence from all optical aids, and freedom from unwanted symptoms, following cataract and lens surgery remains the ultimate goal of both patient and surgeon. The development of trifocal IOL technology pro...

    Authors: Michael Lawless, Chris Hodge, Joe Reich, Lewis Levitz, Uday K. Bhatt, Colm McAlinden, Kate Roberts and Timothy V. Roberts
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:10
  20. Glaucoma is the first leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide with increasing importance in public health. Indicators of glaucoma care quality as well as efficiency would benefit public health assess...

    Authors: Yuan Bo Liang, Ye Zhang, David C. Musch and Nathan Congdon
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:6
  21. Migraine is a multifactorial disorder with complex neuronal and vascular mechanisms that encompasses a wide clinical spectrum of symptoms, including ocular manifestations. Dry eye disease and dysfunction of oc...

    Authors: Rohit Shetty, Kalyani Deshpande, Chaitra Jayadev, Kareeshma Wadia, Pooja Mehta, Rushad Shroff and Harsha L. Rao
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:4
  22. Presbyopia affects people from the 4th decade of life and is characterized by accommodative loss that leads to negative effects on vision-targeted health-related quality of life. A non-invasive pharmacological tr...

    Authors: Antonio Renna, Jorge L. Alió and Luis Felipe Vejarano
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:3

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Eye and Vision 2017 4:9

  23. Pseudophakic presbyopic correction is among the prevalent methods for regaining near vision capacity. The purpose of this study is to compare the impact of pseudophakic monovision correction and multifocal len...

    Authors: Georgios Labiris, Panagiota Ntonti, Maria Patsiamanidi, Haris Sideroudi, Kimon Georgantzoglou and Vassilios P. Kozobolis
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:2
  24. Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) is a potentially fatal complication of measles. The authors report a case of recurrent myoclonic jerks under investigation, whose ophthalmic examination pointed to th...

    Authors: Koushik Tripathy, Rohan Chawla, Kanhaiya Mittal, Rajni Farmania, Pradeep Venkatesh and Sheffali Gulati
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2017 4:1
  25. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in adults over 50 years old. Genetic, epidemiological, and molecular studies are beginning to unravel the intricate mechani...

    Authors: Katie L. Pennington and Margaret M. DeAngelis
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2016 3:34
  26. To evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Supracor excimer laser algorithm to treat hyperopic presbyopic patients using laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK).

    Authors: Robert Edward T. Ang, Emerson M. Cruz, Alex U. Pisig, Maria Luisa Patricia C. Solis, Rosalie Mae M. Reyes and Gerhard Youssefi
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2016 3:33
  27. The so-called macular carotenoids (MC) lutein (L), zeaxanthin (Z), and meso-zeaxanthin (MZ) comprise the diet-derived macular pigment (MP). The purpose of this study was to determine effects of MC supplementat...

    Authors: James M. Stringham, Kevin J. O’Brien and Nicole T. Stringham
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2016 3:30
  28. O1 Changes in peripheral refraction associated with decreased ocular axial growth rate in marmosets

    Authors: Alexandra Benavente-Perez, Ann Nour, Tobin Ansel, Kathleen Abarr, Luying Yan, Keisha Roden, David Troilo, Chanyi Lu, Miaozhen Pan, Min Zheng, Jia Qu, Xiangtian Zhou, Christine F. Wildsoet, Fan Lu, Xiangtian Zhou, Jie Chen…
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2016 3(Suppl 1):28

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 3 Supplement 1

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