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Table 2 Summary of PanOptic ophthalmoscopy studies

From: Characterization of the retinal vasculature in fundus photos using the PanOptic iExaminer system

Authors Subjects Subjects No. Focus Area Pupil Dilation Smartphone App Mounted Main outcome
Xu et al. 2016 [20] Normal 10 Retina Not mentioned Android iExaminer and Android app No Segment retinal vessels, analyze vessel width, and store or uplink results
Xu et al. 2018 [21] Normal 10 Retina Not mentioned Not mentioned Not mentioned Not mentioned Segment retinal arterioles and venules
Patel et al. 2019 [22] Preterm infants 24 Anterior lens capsule vascularity No iPhone 4 & 6 s MoviePro Ring stand Quantitative analysis for gestational age estimate
Day, et al. 2017 [23] Pediatric emergency patients 184 Retina No Not mentioned iExaminer Not mentioned Feasibility of fundus photography in pediatric patients
Petrushkin et al. 2012 [24] Emergency patients 36 Optic disc No No photography No No More sensitive and specific than the direct ophthalmoscope
Tan et al. 2010 [9] Diabetes mellitus 200 Retina Yes No photography No No Not superior to direct ophthalmoscope for retinopathy
Gill et al. 2004 [7] Diabetes mellitus 28 Retina No No photography No No Fairly accurate in screening diabetic retinopathy
McComiskie et al. 2004 [8] Healthy volunteers 140 Optic disc No 75, Yes 65 No photography No No Easier to use, with the accuracy of rating the cup to disc ratio
Desai et al. 2018 [25] Neonates 124 Anterior lens capsule vasculature No iPhone 6 Plus iExaminer No Gestational age estimation
Lee et al. 2020 [26] Healthy volunteers Not mentioned Optic nerve head No No photography No No Ophthalmology clinical training
Besenczi et al. 2015 [27] Normal 16 Retina Not mentioned iPhone 4/4S iExaminer No Automatic optic disc and optic cup detection