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Table 1 Summary of characteristics of commercially available AS-OCT machines

From: Optical coherence tomography for ocular surface and corneal diseases: a review

Instrument Company Measurement type Approximate axial resolution Scanning speed per minute
Stratus OCT Carl Zeiss Meditec Time-domain 10 μm 400 A scans
Visante OCT Carl Zeiss Meditec Time-domain 18 μm 2000 A scans
Slit-lamp OCT Heidelberg Time-domain 25 μm 2000 A scans
Spectralis OCT Heidelberg Spectral-domain 4–7 μm 40,000 A scans
Cirrus OCT Carl Zeiss Meditec Spectral-domain 5 μm 27,000 A scans
OCT SLO Optos Spectral-domain < 6 μm 27,000 A scans
3D OCT 2000 Topcon Spectral-domain 5–6 μm 50,000 A scans
RT Vue and iVue Optovue Spectral-domain 5 μm 26,000 A scans
Avanti Optovue Spectral-domain ~ 5 μm 70,000 A scans
SS-1000 CASIA Tomey Spectral-domain (swept source) 10 μm 30,000 A scans
Ultra high resolution OCT Custom build device Spectral-domain ~ 3 μm 24,000 to 26,000 A scans