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  1. To evaluate the safety, efficacy, refractive outcomes and causes for bilensectomy (phakic intraocular lens – pIOL – explantation with cataract surgery and pseudophakic intraocular lens implantation) in patient...

    Authors: Veronica Vargas, Jorge L. Alió, Rafael I. Barraquer, Justin Christopher D’ Antin, Cristina García, Francisco Duch, Joan Balgos and Jorge L. Alió del Barrio
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:34
  2. Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is a form of microangiopathy. Reducing oxidative stress in the mitochondria and cell membranes decreases ischemic injury and end-organ damage to the retina. New approaches are needed,...

    Authors: Ce Shi, Peng Wang, Shriya Airen, Craig Brown, Zhiping Liu, Justin H. Townsend, Jianhua Wang and Hong Jiang
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:33
  3. The purpose of our study is to examine the long (5-year) efficacy of the all surface laser ablation (ASLA) combined with accelerated cross-linking (CXL) for the treatment of myopia without the use of mitomycin...

    Authors: Ioannis M. Aslanides, Farhad Hafezi, Shihao Chen, Hatch Mukherjee, Vasileios Selimis, Ilias Maragkos, Nanji Lu and George Kymionis
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:31
  4. To assess the repeatability and reproducibility of swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) and Scheimpflug system and evaluate the agreement between the two systems in measuring multiple corneal reg...

    Authors: Yune Zhao, Ding Chen, Giacomo Savini, Qing Wang, Hongfang Zhang, Yili Jin, Benhao Song, Rui Ning, Jinhai Huang and Chenyang Mei
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:32
  5. To quantitatively assess anterior chamber angle (ACA) structure by anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT) and develop a model to evaluate angle width as defined by gonioscopy.

    Authors: Yingying Dai, Shaodan Zhang, Meixiao Shen, Yuheng Zhou, Mengyi Wang, Jie Ye and Dexi Zhu
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:30
  6. To examine the baseline morphological characteristics and alterations in intraretinal microvascular abnormalities (IRMAs) in response to anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) treatment, documente...

    Authors: Osama A. Sorour, Nihaal Mehta, Caroline R. Baumal, Akihiro Ishibazawa, Keke Liu, Eleni K. Konstantinou, Sarah Martin, Phillip Braun, A. Yasin Alibhai, Malvika Arya, Andre J. Witkin, Jay S. Duker and Nadia K. Waheed
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:29
  7. Retrospective, consecutive case series to evaluate the implantation of two second-generation trabecular microbypass stents in combination with cataract surgery in a real-world, clinical setting.

    Authors: Tanner J. Ferguson, Zachary Dockter, Adam Bleeker, Kayla L. Karpuk, Justin Schweitzer, Mitch J. Ibach and John P. Berdahl
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:28
  8. To develop and validate a deep learning-based approach to the fully-automated analysis of macaque corneal sub-basal nerves using in vivo confocal microscopy (IVCM).

    Authors: Jonathan D. Oakley, Daniel B. Russakoff, Megan E. McCarron, Rachel L. Weinberg, Jessica M. Izzi, Stuti L. Misra, Charles N. McGhee and Joseph L. Mankowski
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:27
  9. This short report includes 5 eyes of 5 patients (mean age 63.2 ± 12 years) who underwent a tectonic keratoplasty [deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) or penetrating keratoplasty (PK)] in order to rehabi...

    Authors: Chiara Fariselli, Ibrahim Toprak, Olena Al-Shymali, Jorge L. Alio del Barrio and Jorge L. Alio
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:26
  10. To compare the visual outcome and patients’ satisfaction after ultrathin Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty (UT-DSAEK) and Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty (DMEK) performed on fell...

    Authors: Rita Mencucci, Eleonora Favuzza, Elisa Marziali, Michela Cennamo, Cosimo Mazzotta, Ersilia Lucenteforte, Gianni Virgili and Stanislao Rizzo
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:25
  11. Excimer laser trabeculostomy (ELT) is a microinvasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) that creates multiple laser channels through the trabecular meshwork using a cold laser system, which minimizes tissue fibrosis and...

    Authors: Georges M. Durr, Marc Töteberg-Harms, Richard Lewis, Antonio Fea, Paola Marolo and Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:24
  12. The 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has spread globally, while the routes of transmission of this virus are still controversial....

    Authors: Hua-Tao Xie, Shi-Yun Jiang, Kang-Kang Xu, Xin Liu, Bing Xu, Lin Wang and Ming-Chang Zhang
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:23
  13. Effective screening is a desirable method for the early detection and successful treatment for diabetic retinopathy, and fundus photography is currently the dominant medium for retinal imaging due to its conve...

    Authors: Gilbert Lim, Valentina Bellemo, Yuchen Xie, Xin Q. Lee, Michelle Y. T. Yip and Daniel S. W. Ting
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:21
  14. To analyze the clinical results of an artificial neural network (ANN) that has been processed in order to improve the predictability of intracorneal ring segments (ICRS) implantation in keratoconus.

    Authors: Chiara Fariselli, Alfredo Vega-Estrada, Francisco Arnalich-Montiel and Jorge L. Alio
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:20
  15. The goal was to investigate changes of the inner intra-retinal layer thicknesses and retinal capillary density (RCD) around the macula in thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy (TAO) patients with or without dysthy...

    Authors: Yufei Wu, Yunhai Tu, Chaoming Wu, Lulu Bao, Jianhua Wang, Fan Lu, Meixiao Shen and Qi Chen
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:16
  16. Assessing the quality of the ocular surface by in vivo scanning laser confocal microscopy (IVCM) in primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) patients treated by Xen 45 Gel Stent, medical therapy and trabeculectomy.

    Authors: Stefano Baiocchi, Cosimo Mazzotta, Arianna Sgheri, Alessandro Di Maggio, Simone Alex Bagaglia, Matteo Posarelli, Leonardo Ciompi, Alessandro Meduri and Gian Marco Tosi
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:15
  17. The optical quality in progressive keratoconus deteriorates due to ectasia and distortion of the corneal shape and optics. While corneal cross-linking (CXL) aims at stopping disease progression, “CXL-Plus” com...

    Authors: Katja C. Iselin, Philipp B. Baenninger, Lucas M. Bachmann, Frank Bochmann, Michael A. Thiel and Claude Kaufmann
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:10
  18. To evaluate the effect of orthokeratology on precision of measurements in children using a new swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) optical biometer (OA-2000), and agreement between its measureme...

    Authors: Bao Shu, Fangjun Bao, Giacomo Savini, Weicong Lu, Ruixue Tu, Haisi Chen, Benhao Song, Qinmei Wang and Jinhai Huang
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:13
  19. Exercise is widely known to lower intraocular pressure and increase ocular blood flow, which may be beneficial for glaucoma management. However, there are few studies that have reported on the relationship bet...

    Authors: Xiafei Pan, Kai Xu, Xin Wang, Guofu Chen, Huanhuan Cheng, Alice Jia Liu, Laurence Tang Hou, Lin Zhong, Jie Chen and Yuanbo Liang
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:12
  20. Corneal biomechanics has been a hot topic for research in contemporary ophthalmology due to its prospective applications in diagnosis, management, and treatment of several clinical conditions, including glauco...

    Authors: Louise Pellegrino Gomes Esporcatte, Marcella Q. Salomão, Bernardo T. Lopes, Paolo Vinciguerra, Riccardo Vinciguerra, Cynthia Roberts, Ahmed Elsheikh, Daniel G. Dawson and Renato Ambrósio Jr
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:9
  21. To test clinically relevant factors associated with quantitative artifact-free deep capillary plexus (DCP) metrics in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM).

    Authors: Fang Yao Tang, Erica O. Chan, Zihan Sun, Raymond Wong, Jerry Lok, Simon Szeto, Jason C. Chan, Alexander Lam, Clement C. Tham, Danny S. Ng and Carol Y. Cheung
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:7
  22. To study the effect of an ab interno gelatin stent (XEN45 Gel Stent, Allergan Inc., Irvine, California, USA) on intraocular pressure (IOP) as placed by glaucoma fellowship trainees in eyes with refractory glau...

    Authors: Karen Hong, John Lind and Arsham Sheybani
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:5
  23. China is undergoing a massive transition toward an urban and industrial economy. These changes will restructure the demographics and economy which will eventually influence the future patterns of disease. The ...

    Authors: Yuxuan Deng, Yuanbo Liang, Sigeng Lin, Liang Wen, Jin Li, Yue Zhou, Meixiao Shen, Jingwei Zheng, Kemi Feng, Yanting Sun, Kwapong Willaim Robert, Jia Qu and Fan Lu
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:8
  24. Although hyperglycemia is the main instigator in the development of diabetic retinopathy, elevated circulating levels of a non-protein amino acid, homocysteine, are also associated with an increased risk of re...

    Authors: Renu A. Kowluru, Ghulam Mohammad and Nikhil Sahajpal
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:4

    The Correction to this article has been published in Eye and Vision 2020 7:11

  25. Stargardt disease 1 (STGD1; MIM 248200) is a monogenic form of autosomal recessive genetic disease caused by mutation in ABCA4. This gene has a major role in hydrolyzing N-retinylidene-phosphatidylethanolamine to...

    Authors: Rajendran Kadarkarai Raj, Pankaja Dhoble, Rupa Anjanamurthy, Prakash Chermakani, Manojkumar Kumaran, Bharanidharan Devarajan and Periasamy Sundaresan
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:3
  26. Biomechanics introduces numerous technologies to support clinical practice in ophthalmology, with the goal of improving surgical outcomes and to develop new advanced technologies with minimum impact on clinica...

    Authors: Anna Pandolfi
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2020 7:2
  27. To evaluate the safety and efficacy of an approach that combines corneal customized transepithelial therapeutic ablation to treat irregular corneal optics and accelerated corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL) t...

    Authors: Giulio Mulè, Shihao Chen, Jia Zhang, Wen Zhou, Vasileios Selimis, Aleksandar Stojanovic and Ioannis M. Aslanides
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2019 6:40
  28. To fine tune the default depth and rate of ablation of the epithelium in cTen™ customized trans-epithelial one-step superficial refractive surgery by the comparison between the attempted post-operative ideal c...

    Authors: Michael Goggin, Peter Stewart, Vikija Andersons and Giuseppe Criscenti
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2019 6:39
  29. Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is a leading cause of vision loss in adults. Currently, the standard imaging technique to monitor and prognosticate DR and diabetic maculopathy is dye-based angiography. With the intr...

    Authors: Kai Yuan Tey, Kelvin Teo, Anna C. S. Tan, Kavya Devarajan, Bingyao Tan, Jacqueline Tan, Leopold Schmetterer and Marcus Ang
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2019 6:37
  30. Trabeculectomy remains the ‘gold standard’ intraocular pressure (IOP)-lowering procedure for moderate-to-severe glaucoma; however, this approach is associated with the need for substantial post-operative manag...

    Authors: Omar Sadruddin, Leonard Pinchuk, Raymund Angeles and Paul Palmberg
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2019 6:36
  31. Neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (PCV) are sight-threatening maculopathies with both environmental and genetic risk factors. We have previously shown rel...

    Authors: Ke Liu, Li Ma, Timothy Y. Y. Lai, Marten E. Brelen, Pancy O. S. Tam, Clement C. Tham, Chi Pui Pang and Li Jia Chen
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2019 6:34
  32. Fibroblast growth factor 10 (FGF10) is implicated in the growth and development of the eye. Four singles nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the FGF10 gene (including rs1384449, rs339501, rs12517396 and rs10462070...

    Authors: Lingxi Jiang, Dongyan Luo, Tingting Wang, Rui Zheng, Yaru Zhai, Xiaoqi Liu, Bo Gong, Zhengzheng Wu, Yin Yang, Zhenglin Yang and Yi Shi
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2019 6:33
  33. Loss of cells in the human trabecular meshwork (TM) has been reported with ageing and in glaucoma. This study aims to identify, quantify and determine the age-related changes of human TM stem cells (TMSCs).

    Authors: Yogapriya Sundaresan, Muthukkaruppan Veerappan, Krishnadas Subbiah Ramasamy and Gowri Priya Chidambaranathan
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2019 6:31
  34. Human corneal stromal keratocytes propagated in culture media supplemented with human amnion extract (AME) can correct early corneal haze in an animal model. Clinical application of cultivated keratocytes is l...

    Authors: Beau J. Fenner, Nur Zahirah B. M. Yusoff, Matthias Fuest, Lei Zhou, Francisco Bandeira, Howard Y. Cajucom-Uy, H. K. Tan, Jodhbir S. Mehta and Gary H. F. Yam
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2019 6:30
  35. Glaucoma patients undergoing phacoemulsification alone have a higher rate of refractive surprise compared to patients without glaucoma. This risk is further increased with combined filtering procedures. Indeed...

    Authors: Erin G. Sieck, Cara E. Capitena Young, Rebecca S. Epstein, Jeffrey R. SooHoo, Mina B. Pantcheva, Jennifer L. Patnaik, Anne M. Lynch, Malik Y. Kahook and Leonard K. Seibold
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2019 6:28
  36. To report a case of bilateral benign reactive lymphoid hyperplasia (BRLH) of the conjunctiva treated with oral doxycycline and perform review of the literature evaluating the presentation, treatment and risk o...

    Authors: Olga Klavdianou, Georgios Kondylis, Vasileios Georgopoulos and Sotiria Palioura
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2019 6:26
  37. To evaluate the frequency and characteristics of sub-clinical ocular surface squamous neoplasia (OSSN) detected by high-resolution anterior segment tomography (HR- OCT) in patients with clinically unapparent d...

    Authors: Ann Q. Tran, Nandini Venkateswaran, Anat Galor and Carol L. Karp
    Citation: Eye and Vision 2019 6:27

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