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Table 2 Three-level protective measures of the ophthalmic professionals

From: A comprehensive Chinese experience against SARS-CoV-2 in ophthalmology

Level of protectionProtective measuresApplicable object
Primary protectionCap, surgical mask, and working clothes (with/without gown)Indirect contact with patients, usher, non-operative inquiry and ward rounds.
Secondary protectionCap, surgical mask/N95 mask, working clothes with gown, protective goggles/face shield, and disposable glovesDirect contact with patients such as slit lamp, gonioscopy, ultrasound and other specialized examinations; puncture, injection, outpatient laser and other professional operations.
Tertiary protectionCap, N95 mask, protective clothing with gown, protective goggles, face shield, and two pairs of disposable glovesContact with blood, body fluids, secretions and other spillages; specimen collection that may produce eye aerosols; internal eye surgery etc.
The anesthesiologist should also adhere to this level of protection during general anesthesia operations.