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Table 4 Common publicly available databases

From: Application of machine learning in ophthalmic imaging modalities

DatasetsImaging ModalitiesPopulationAmountAnnotation
KaggleFPUnited States53,576DR
EyePACS [54]FPUnited States35,126DR
MESSIDOR [54]FPFrance1200DR; Macular edema
E-OPHTHA [69]FPFrance463DR
HRF [70]FPGermany45DR; Glaucoma; Optic Disk; Vessel;
DRIVEFPNetherlands40DR; Vessel
RIGA [71]FPFrance; Saudi Arabia760Glaucoma
ORIGA-650 [72]FPSingapore650Glaucoma
DRISHTI-GS [73]FPIndia101Glaucoma
INSPRIRE-AVR [74]FPUnited States40Glaucoma
REVIEW [75]FPUnited Kingdom16Vascular disease
  1. FP = fundus photograph; DR = diabetic retinopathy