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Table 3 FDA cleared medical AI products

From: Application of machine learning in ophthalmic imaging modalities

AI productsProduction companiesApplications
Kardia AppKardia Band, Alive Cor, United StatesClinical grade wearable electrocardiogram in Apple Watch
The WAVE Clinical PlatformExcel Medical Electronics, United StatesPatient surveillance and predictive algorithm platform
Embrace WatchEmbrace, United StatesThe smartwatch that uses sensors to measure stress and predict seizures
Viz LVOViz.AI, United StatesAutomatic detection of large vessel occlusion in suspected stroke patients
Cognoa AppCognoa, United StatesAn app based on ML that can help clinicians diagnose autism rapidly
Guardian ConnectMedtronic, United StatesThe continuous glucose monitoring system for people on multiple daily insulin injections
IDx-DRIDx, United StatesTo automatic diagnose DR before it causes blindness
OsteoDetectImagen Technologies, United StatesA type of computer-aided detection and diagnosis software designed to detect wrist fractures in patients
DreaMed Advisor ProDreaMed Diabetes, Petah Tikvah, IsraelAutomated insulin pump setting adjustments in patients with type 1 diabetes
Viz CTPViz.AI, United StatesA software package to perform image processing and analysis of CT perfusion scans of the brain
  1. FDA = U.S. food and drug administration; DR = diabetic retinopathy; CT = computer tomographic; ML = machine learning