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Table 4 Adverse events of XEN stent implanta

From: Safety and efficacy outcomes of the Xen45 Gel Stent use for refractory glaucoma: a surgery series from surgeon trainees at a tertiary teaching hospital

Adverse eventbMonths in Fellowship Training at XEN placementInitial Procedure
 subconjunctival hemorrhage5XEN
Postoperative Day 1
 Anterior chamber tap for OVD removal9XEN-phacoemulsification
 Descemet’s blockage at tube lumen11XEN-phacoemulsification
Postoperative Week 1
 Mild choroidal effusions9XEN
 Serous choroidals1XEN
 Low choroidals9XEN-phacoemulsification
 Malpositioned XEN against iris9XEN
 Malpositioned XEN pointing superiorly11XEN
Postoperative Month 1
 XEN Exposure11XEN
  1. aAll surgeries were performed with a supervising glaucoma attending
  2. bAll listed events were unique incidences that occurred one time. There were no noted adverse events on postoperative month 3, month 6, or month 12
  3. OVD= ophthalmic viscoelastic device