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Table 3 Primary, isolated conjunctival lymphoma: Outcome, recurrence, and side effects of local treatment

From: Classification, diagnosis, and management of conjunctival lymphoma

Therapy typeAuthorYear of publicationNumber of eyesLateralityHistologic subtype or tumor gradeResponse rate (CR + PR)Follow up (months)Local recurrence rateSide effects
RadiotherapyBaldini et al. [53]19985UnilateralEMZL (100%)100%76 (median)0%Cataract (1 patient)
Bhatia et al. [54]200217UnspecifiedUnspecified100%UnspecifiedUnspecifiedCataract, dry eye, corneal toxicity (unspecified)
Bolek et al. [55]19994UnilateralLow-grade (100%)100%12.6 (median)0%Ocular irritation, conjunctivitis, cataract (unspecified)
Dunbar et al. [56]1990108 unilateral; 1 bilateralUnspecified100%29.5 (median)0%Epilation of eyelashes, erythema of the eyelid, conjunctival injection; excessive tearing (25%)
Erickson et al. [57]1992157 unilateral; 4 bilateralEMZL (100%)93%UnspecifiedUnspecified 
Hasegawa et al. [58]20039UnilateralEMZL (67%); DLBCL (11%); unspecified (22%)100%94 (median)0%Cataract (55.6%)
Jereb et al. [31]19845UnilateralDWDL (60%); NWDL (20%); DPDL (20%)100%22 (median)0%Slight erythema and conjunctivitis in 1 patient
Kennerdell et al. [59]19994UnspecifiedEMZL (100%)100% UnspecifiedMild xerophthalmia and chemosis (unspecified)
Kuhnt et al. [24]20031UnilateralEMZL100%1440%Cataract
Lee, G-I et al. [60]201812137 unilateral; 42 bilateralEMZL (100%)100%61.3 (median)98%Dry eye (26.6%); eye pain (5.1%); tearing (6.3%); cataract (6.3%)
Lee, S-w et al. [23]20024UnspecifiedEMZL (100%)100%31 (median)0%Conjunctivitis (100%)
Liao et al. [61]200212UnspecifiedLow-grade (83%), Intermediate-grade (17%)100%56.4 (mean)0%Lacrimal gland dysfunction (50%); cataract (25%)
Martinet et al. [62]20033422 unilateral; 6 bilateralLow-grade (100%)100%55 (median)0%Inflammatory reaction; cataract (unspecified)
Matsuo et al. [63]200464 unilateral; 2 bilateralEMZL (100%)100%48 (median)0%Unspecified
Pelloski et al. [64]2001119 unilateral; 2 bilateralSLL (91%); SLP (9%)100%87.5 (median)0%Cataract (18%); diabetic retinopathy (9%); epiphora (9%)
Shirota et al. [65]201719UnspecifiedUnspecified100%32 (median)0%Cataract (unspecified)
Smitt & Donaldson [13]19932010 unilateral; 5 bilateralDSC (45%); DWDL (25%); FM (20%); F + DSC (5%); ALH (5%)Unspecified44 (median)6.7%Mild conjunctival irritation (unspecified)
Stafford et al. [66]200116UnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified64.2 (median)6.25% 
Uno et al. [67]200329UnspecifiedEMZL (100%)100%46 (median)10%Cataract, conjunctival irritation (unspecified)
Vitu et al. [68]1991199 unilateral; 5 bilateralUnspecified100%Unspecified7% (bilateral recurrence in patient with bilateral disease)Cataract (31.6%)
Xicoy et al. [69]200253 unilateral; 1 bilateralEMZL (100%)100%50.5 (median)0%Conjunctivitis and epiphora (50%)
IFN-alphaBlasi et al. [70]20122012 unilateral; 4 bilateralEMZL (100%)100%65 (median)15%Temporary conjunctival chemosis and other ocular discomfort associated with injection; transient flu-like syndrome (100%)
Cellini et al. [71]19961UnilateralEMZL100%120% 
Holds et al. [72]20122BilateralEMZL (100%)100%270%Mild discomfort associated with injections, transient loss of appetite
Lachapelle et al. [73]20001UnilateralEMZL100%60%Transient headaches and nausea; subconjunctival hemorrhage
Lucas et al. [74]20032BilateralLikely EMZL100%180% 
Ross et al. [75]20042BilateralUnspecified100%120%Injection discomfort, mild flu-like illness
Zayed et al. [76]20131UnilateralEMZL100%100% 
Zinzani et al. [77]19974UnilateralEMZL (100%)100%32 (median)0% 
Zinzani et al. [78]19994UnspecifiedEMZL (100%)100%47 (median)0% 
RituximabCrespo et al. [79]20142BilateralEMZL100%90%Dry eye
Ferreri et al. [80]201131 unilateral; 2 bilateralEMZL (100%)100%11.5 (median)0%Ocular discomfort associated with injection (1 patient)
Rodriguez Villa et al. [81]20171UnilateralFL100%100% 
Antibiotic therapyAbramson, Rollins, and Coleman [82] (PrevPak or Doxycycline)20053UnilateralEMZL or unspecified low-grade (100%)100%21 (median)0% 
Danilko et al. [83] (Clarithromycin)20131UnilateralEMZL100%00% 
Ferreri et al. [84] (Doxycycline)200614UnspecifiedEMZL (100%)42.8%Unspecified21.4% 
Govi et al. [85] (Clarithromycin)201053 unilateral; 1 bilateralEMZL (100%)100%27 (median)0%Unspecified
Grünberger et al. [86] (Doxycycline)200651 unilateral; 2 bilateralEMZL (100%)0%9 (median)N/A 
Höh et al. [87] (Doxycycline)20161UnilateralEMZL100%600% 
  1. CR= complete response; PR= partial response; EMZL= extra-nodal marginal zone lymphoma [low-grade]; FL= follicular lymphoma [low-grade]; DLBCL= diffuse large B-cell lymphoma [high-grade]; MCL= mantle cell lymphoma [high-grade]; DPDL= diffuse poorly differentiated; DWDL= diffuse well differentiated; NWDL= nodular well differentiated; DSC= diffuse small cleaved; FM= follicular mixed; ALH= atypical lymphoid hyperplasia; SLL= small lymphocytic lymphoma; SLP= small lymphocytic lymphoma; plasmacytoid