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Table 7 Analysis of the postoperative SE prediction error according to the preoperative astigmatism orientation groups. (non-average axial length eyes, i.e., eyes with axial lengths less than or equal to 22.0 mm or greater than or equal to 25.0 mm)

From: Investigating the impact of preoperative corneal astigmatism orientation on the postoperative spherical equivalent refraction following intraocular lens implantation

Descriptive statistics
  Mean (M) Sample size (N) Std. deviation (SD) Std. error mean (SEM)
Group 1 (ATR) −0.056 20 0.650 0.145
Group 2 (WTR) 0.093 21 0.499 0.110
Group 3 (OB) 0.099 10 0.551 0.174