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Table 2 Willingness to donate corneas

From: Knowledge and attitudes toward corneal donation among Singaporean youth: a cross-sectional study

Question n (%)
Question 8: Are you willing to donate your corneas?  
 Yes 155 (31.0)
 No 111 (22.2)
 Undecided 234 (46.8)
Question 9: If you are not willing or undecided to donate corneas, the reasons are: (multiple choices allowed)  
 I need more information about corneal donation and corneal transplantation 222
 I think my family is not supportive of corneal donation 72
 I am worried of how my body will be treated after my death 68
 I think my medical history may affect my eligibility to donate 35
 My religion does not support corneal donation 20
 Other reasons: 25
  I am afraid of operation/pain 8
  I will donate after I die 5
  I simply do not want to 3
  I have not thought about it 2
  I want my eyes to see the world 2
  Personal reason 2
  I cannot make a decision 1
  I am not sure about my religion’s view 1
  Blind person can still be alive without corneal transplant 1
Question 10: Which of the following would make you feel more positive about corneal donation? (multiple choices allowed)  
 If I understand corneal donation and corneal transplant process better 103
 If I know a family member or a friend who needs corneal transplant to gain back his/her sight 87
 If I am assured that a donor’s body will be treated with full respect 78
 If I know my family is supportive of corneal donation 48
 If I know for sure that my religion is supportive of corneal donation 15
 Other reasons 11
  Because when I don’t need any more, I should give it away 4
  Helping another human being 3
  If I know the corneal allocation system better 2
  If I know and I am assured that it would be for a good cause 1
  Personal reason 1