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Table 1 Synthetic LHON control plasmids and mixes

From: Development and validation of a novel PCR-RFLP based method for the detection of 3 primary mitochondrial mutations in Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy patients

Plasmid Nucleotide Positions Normal Mix 3460A mix 11778A mix 14484C mix
3460G (N) 3275 – 4272 X   X X
3460A (M) 3275 – 4272   X   
11778G (N) 11580 – 12118 X X   X
11778A (M) 11580 – 12118    X  
14484 T (N) 14449 – 15022 X X X  
14484C (M) 14449 – 15022     X
  1. The table presents nucleotide positions, based on the reference sequence NC_012920.1, included in the cloned mitochondrial plasmids. 3460G indicates the normal G nucleotide at position 3460 and 3460A indicates the mutated A at position 3460; similarly, for 11778 and 14484 plasmids. The synthetic diagnostic control mixes are generated by mixing the indicated plasmids at 1.5 ng/μl. For a diagnostic test, 1 μl of a diagnostic control mix is used