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Fig. 3

From: Anti-glaucoma potential of Heliotropium indicum Linn in experimentally-induced glaucoma

Fig. 3

Photomicrographs of the anterior chamber of ocular hypertensive rabbits per the various treatments. Photomicrograph of anterior chamber of rabbits (H and E × 100), (a) glaucomatous rabbit with 10 mlkg−1 normal saline treatment (Control) showing intense neutrophilic infiltration in the ciliary body, (b) glaucomatous rabbit with 5 mgkg−1 Acetazolamide treatment. Normal marginal zone of the ciliary process with normal architecture is shown, (c) glaucomatous rabbit with 30 mgkg−1 HIE treatment indicating moderate neutophilic infiltration in the cilairy body, (d) Glaucomatous rabbit with 100 mgkg−1 HIE treatment indicating mild neutophilic infiltration and (e) glaucomatous rabbit with 300 mgkg−1 HIE treatment. There is moderate oedema of the cliary body

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