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Figure 2 | Eye and Vision

Figure 2

From: The European registry of quality outcomes for cataract and refractive surgery (EUREQUO): a database study of trends in volumes, surgical techniques and outcomes of refractive surgery

Figure 2

Standard graphs showing the surgical outcomes for one clinic or surgeon. The upper left graph shows attempted refraction versus achieved refraction in Diopters. The upper right graph shows postoperative defocus of equivalent refraction in Diopters. The lower left graph shows the postoperative spherical equivalent refraction. The lower mid graph shows the preoperative spectacle corrected visual acuity versus the postoperative uncorrected visual acuity. Both bar rows show the accumulated frequency of visual acuity. The lower right graph shows the visual outcome in terms of loss of one Snellen line or more, status quo or gain of one Snellen line or more.

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