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Table 2 Comparison between segmentation results and manual segmentation

From: Fast segmentation of anterior segment optical coherence tomography images using graph cut

Segmentation technique Graph cut Level set
Mean 0.943 0.919
Standard deviation 0.020 0.026
MSPE- anterior   
Mean 1.21 1.64
Standard deviation 0.31 0.52
MSPE - posterior   
Mean 2.82 3.90
Standard deviation 1.29 1.81
95% HD   
Mean 6.66 9.50
Standard deviation 2.72 4.33
  1. Two techniques are shown, the graph cut program described here, and a previously published level set technique. Four different methods are used to measure the difference between techniques. All measurements are given in terms on pixels on an image. DSC: Dice’s similarity coefficient, MSPE: mean unsigned surface positioning error, HD: Hausdorff distance.